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There is much more to pest control than meets the eye.

At Aarow Services, we believe the most effective way to manage the pests our clients see and the ones you don't, is to keep them from coming inside. If pests have already invaded your home, our experienced technicians can get them out. Aarow Services customizes our progams to meet the individual needs and budget for our clients, while preventing their homes from invasion of such pests as ants, roaches, spiders, fleas, bees/wasps, etc.


Brown Recluse Spider

The key identifying characteristics of a Brown Recluse spider are the six eyes arranged at the front of the head area & the fiddle-shaped marking on the back. These home-invading villains find damp, dark corners of garages, crawl spaces, and basements suitable to construct their webs, as these areas are less disturbed and tend to harbor more insects. These spiders are very venomous, and if bitten one should search for the spider for identification purposes and seek treatment from qualified hospital personnel.

Carpenter Ant

Carpenter ants are the most common pest ant seen in homes throughout the northern United States. The main colony must have a constant source of moisture to survive so it is usually located in dead wood and the outdoors. This includes dead limbs, tree holes, stumps, landscape timbers, and so forth. Indoors, a main colony will have to be associated with a water leak or an overly wet, poorly ventilated crawl space or attic.

Carpenter Ant